Hospital Efficiency

Using the MDCL AmalgamateTM Technology, we are currently developing two products to improve hospital efficiency.

Admin Streamline

This product takes the hassle out of patient administration for consultant doctors.  The typical administration tasks associated with a clinic in Irish hospitals currently consume an estimated average of 1.5 hours of consultant doctor time per clinic.

Once Admin Streamline is setup in a hospital, these admin tasks are quickly reduced to an estimated average time of 15 minutes.  This gives consultant doctors more time for patients and lessens the burden of frustrating administrative tasks.


Data Aggregation

A central database for all patient information does not currently exist in Ireland.  MDCL’s data aggregator can be instantiated to process patient data from any institution and deliver it automatically to a central patient database which complies with the government patient register data structure.

Data Aggregation allows doctors to quickly view a patients entire medical history, zoom in on areas of particular interest (e.g. diabetes) and consequently deliver comprehensive patient diagnosis in pressurised hospital environments.